Product Range and Production DAM

Discover the ease of managing your product assortments and content planning with Lets Flo's task management features. Our platform is the ideal solution for centralising data and enhancing team collaboration.

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Seamless Data Integration

Lets Flo integrates with other systems in your tech stack, accepting data feeds to provide users with the correct product information. Additionally, manual data import is a breeze with spreadsheet format compatibility.

Centralised Data Hub

All your important information and data are stored in one accessible location, ensuring your team has the information they need at their fingertips. Effortlessly view automate and manually update requirements for images, videos, and copy. Stay on top of your content needs with ease.

Utilise our intuitive 'traffic light' system for a quick visual overview of your product's sample and asset status, keeping you constantly informed.

Customisable Views

Filter and organise your workspace according to your personal preferences, without affecting other users' views. Choose between card or table formats to best suit your data consumption needs.

Flexible Data Export Options

Export your data in various formats, including CSV, PDF Microsoft Powerpoint and Word to accommodate different requirements.

Integrated DAM

Lets Flo expertly captures and organises all essential metadata throughout each stage of the workflow process. With our solution, you gain insightful details about every asset.

Our platform is versatile, allowing you to view and manage both video and imagery content seamlessly. Easily navigate through your content with our user-friendly search and filter options. Find exactly what you need, when you need it, without the hassle.

Import marketing content produced by external parties and effortlessly tag it with relevant product data. Ensure that all your marketing materials are consistent and comprehensive.

Curate and Share

Use the 'like' feature to select and highlight your most loved content.

Gather your favourite images and videos into Portfolios and distribute these compilations to colleagues within your organization or external collaborators.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does Lets Flo take to introduce?

    Getting Lets Flo up-and-running at your organisation usually takes two to four weeks. This gives us time to scope out your requirements and introduce the platform as part of a phased launch that won’t disrupt your teams.

  • Can I customise Lets Flo?

    We know that no two fashion brands work in the same way. That’s why we always introduce a custom version of our platform for each new client we onboard. This gives the best of both worlds: our clients benefit from our best-practice workflows and keep their existing approach to content production.

  • What does Lets Flo integrate with?

    Lets Flo integrates with your PIM, your DAM, and all the other tools your teams use to create and share content every day. We’ve already built dozens of integrations, but if you need another we’d be happy to get that set up too.

  • Does Lets Flo keep my data secure?

    Absolutely. Your data is stored on ultra-secure AWS servers located in Ireland.

  • How is Lets Flo different from a DAM?

    Our clients connect Lets Flo’s workflows to their Digital Asset Management tool so their content is automatically stored in one place as part of the go-live process. Your DAM is the warehouse where all your content is kept, Lets Flo is the fleet of drivers making sure your content is delivered on time.

  • How is Lets Flo different from a PIM?

    Most of our clients use Lets Flo to make their Product Information Management platform more effective. Lets Flo’s workflows feed your PIM up-to-date product information and create custom digital catalogues that are ready to put in front of your buyers.

  • Is Lets Flo a studio management platform?

    Lets Flo is an end-to-end ecommerce workflow platform. That means Lets Flo manages content workflows from studio production through to post-production and going live on site.