Ecommerce Workflow for Fashion Brands

Lets Flo is the ecommerce workflow platform that makes it easy to get your product ranges content-ready

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Content-ready in record time

Simplify content production with end-to-end workflows and automations that can handle anything you throw at them. Lets Flo brings teams together to work on the product range in one place, so everyone stays in sync.

This is how we Flo


Product Range

The range is at the heart of everything you do. Collaborate on a single, visual record of the range.


Sample Management

All your teams know the location and status of samples with barcode tracking that fits into your content production workflows


Styling & Outfitting

Combine products before they're sent to the studio with digital style guides. Meanwhile, our workflows capture complete-the-look data.



You'll never go into a shoot more prepared. Our workflows make it easy to understand what to capture, while automated uploads and labelling saves hours of admin.



Transparent status tracking and automatic data sharing means your teams in post have everything they need to meet deadlines.



Copywriting, sub-editor and translation workflows run separately to post, slashing delivery times and taking pressure off your production workflow.


Budget & Resource

Automatically produce reports, budget plans, forecasts and timesheets that track spend and performance across your production processes.

Lets Flo organises the whole production process, making it really simple for our teams to know what’s expected of them and when.

Spreadsheet-free since ‘19

Your creative teams didn’t get into fashion to work on spreadsheets all day. Lets Flo automates repeated tasks, so your teams spend more time doing what they’re best at – creating content that elevates your brand.

Make every shoot count

Your brand is the result of your creatives’ hard work. Don’t let poor processes let them down. You can deliver quality and quantity with workflows that make it simple to scale up content production.

With Lets Flo we've got total visibility over content production. Now we only work on solving the problems that really matter.

We’re on your team

We work closely with some of the UK’s biggest fashion brands to help them meet their ambitious content production targets. Because there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all, we tailor our workflows to fit how your teams already work together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Lets Flo up-and-running at your organisation usually takes two to four weeks. This gives us time to scope out your requirements and introduce the platform as part of a phased launch that won’t disrupt your teams.

We know that no two fashion brands work in the same way. That’s why we always introduce a custom version of our platform for each new client we onboard. This gives the best of both worlds: our clients benefit from our best-practice workflows and keep their existing approach to content production.

Lets Flo integrates with your PIM, your DAM, and all the other tools your teams use to create and share content every day. We’ve already built dozens of integrations, but if you need another we’d be happy to get that set up too.

Absolutely. Your data is stored on ultra-secure AWS servers located in Ireland.

Our clients connect Lets Flo’s workflows to their Digital Asset Management tool so their content is automatically stored in one place as part of the go-live process. Your DAM is the warehouse where all your content is kept, Lets Flo is the fleet of drivers making sure your content is delivered on time.

Most of our clients use Lets Flo to make their Product Information Management platform more effective. Lets Flo’s workflows feed your PIM up-to-date product information and create custom digital catalogues that are ready to put in front of your buyers.

Lets Flo is an end-to-end ecommerce workflow platform. That means Lets Flo manages content workflows from studio production through to post-production and going live on site.

Learn how Lets Flo’s workflows make content production simple

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