More Dynamic Way of Working: How Lyle & Scott Optimised Content Production

With a strong online presence and a global wholesale portfolio, Lyle & Scott faced the challenge of streamlining their content production and distribution processes. See how they used Lets Flo to bridge the gap between their studio and sales teams.

Modules used

  • Product Range & DAM
  • Sample Tracking
  • Studio & Content Production

About Lyle & Scott

Lyle & Scott, a long-standing British fashion brand, prides itself on a rich history spanning nearly 150 years, specialising in high-quality menswear. The company’s reach extends globally, encompassing both online sales and a diverse portfolio of wholesale clients. Their historical success is built on crafting stylish and versatile products,

With a strong online presence and a global wholesale portfolio, Lyle & Scott faced the challenge of streamlining their content production and distribution processes. This involved bridging the gap between their photography studio and sales teams to improve efficiency and visibility.

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Lack of Visibility into Content Production Process

Before Lets Flo, Lyle & Scott’s content production process was fraught with challenges, including opacity and inefficiency. Teams lacked early visibility into how content was generated, from selecting product samples to completing post-production. This lack of transparency caused considerable confusion and delays, making it difficult for sales teams and merchandisers to understand when products would be available. The team needed a tool to support a more dynamic way of working.

Manual Catalogue Creation

To compound the problem, sales teams had to manually assemble catalogues for buyers, a time-consuming and error-prone task. This labour-intensive process frequently led to miscommunications and disappointments when products or styles were discontinued or altered.

Outdated Communication Tools

Scattered and uncentralised communication tools further exacerbated the issue. The teams were relying on spreadsheets and email to share information, which became unmanageable as the product range expanded. Any alterations to the range required updates to spreadsheets and email notifications, causing confusion and delays.


Single Source of Truth

According to Andrew Stellakis, IT and Operations Director at Lyle & Scott, the impact was immediate. Lets Flo brought much-needed visibility into the production process, helping teams save time and resources. It provided a centralised hub where teams could track the progress of the product range and avoid redundant work.

More Dynamic Way of Working

The tool significantly improved the user experience for sales teams by providing a more graphic representation of product information. Instead of working with static spreadsheets and having to save and transfer a large number of files, they could view dynamic images, styles, and product details in real-time via Lets Flo. This made it easier to curate compelling product portfolios quickly and efficiently.

Data-Driven Decisions

In addition to optimising production, Lets Flo allowed Lyle & Scott to analyse historical sales data. This empowered them to make data-driven decisions about which products to prioritise and produce. The ability to respond to market demand more effectively and efficiently was a game-changer for the brand.

Our product ranges are famous for their details and versatility. For content teams, that means producing lots of variations of content. Lets Flo’s software offers a level of organisation and product categorisation that helps us maintain our reputation.

Andrew Stellakis

IT and Operations Director Lyle & Scott


Less manual admin tasks, less human errors

With workflows and automation, Lyle & Scott reduced manual admin tasks. This not only allowed their teams to focus on creativity and output rather than admin work, but also removed a lot of human errors.

More Efficient Delivery

With more streamlined and optimised workflows, getting products and product ranges live can now be done faster than ever. Lets Flo’s user-friendly interface provided the sales teams with a more efficient way to curate product portfolios for client presentations. This not only saved time but also led to more polished and engaging product presentations, ultimately enhancing their interactions with clients.

Reduced Miscommunications and Delays

By introducing Lets Flo, Lyle & Scott was able to reduce miscommunications between departments significantly. The platform served as a central point of reference, ensuring that all teams had access to the same up-to-date information. This transparency resulted in fewer errors, enhanced collaboration, and a smoother content production process.

Collaboration between teams

“Because the value delivered is so obvious, our teams love using Lets Flo, and they couldn’t imagine life without it.” 

  • Andrew Stellakis, IT and Operations Director at Lyle & Scott

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