Enterprise Sample Management

Boost Your Business, Make the Most of Sample Opportunities

Streamline sample management at volume to accelerate time-to-market. Our enterprise sample management solution enables departments to request, reserve, and loan samples in advance, ensuring deadlines are met and opportunities are captured. Improve handling of sample requests and logistics internally and with external partners to manage increased demand efficiently.

Enterprise sample management with RFID handheld device

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Manage the Complete Sample Lifecycle

Product Development

Where ideas become tangible

- Design: Lets Flo will utilise your Product Lifecycle Management system to feed in sample data.
- Product Development: Place orders of prototyped 'Red Seal' samples directly with the vendors.
- Prototype & Fit Samples: Order 'Gold seal samples' directly with the vendor, tracking invoice data and costs.

Buying & Merchandising

Evaluate and present samples

- Wholesale & Merchandising: Manage showrooms using RFID or barcode location tracking. Instantly know exactly where your products are during Wholesale appointments. Schedule dedicated sessions with merchants, crucial for understanding the full assortment, investment and gaining insight into the design inspiration behind each piece.
- Press Opportunities: Maintain an overview of other business requirements, determining if samples can be loaned for press opportunities.

Pre-Production Sample

Tracking samples for Content Product

- Top of Stock: Track 'Top of Stock' from your Hubs & Distribution Centres. Manage samples across multiple facilities using RFID, tracking inbound dates.
- Inventory: Maintain a wardrobe inventory for styling teams across marketing functions. Ensure Gold Seal / Showroom samples are suitable for photography in the right size.
- Photo Studio: Track all your samples through the photo studio lifecycle.
- Campaign & Social: Plan and organise your shoot's samples beforehand, ensuring no reservation clashes with other business functions.

Sample End-of-Life Phase

Manage the exit process of samples.

- Exit & Retention Policies: Implement time limits on how long a sample can remain in the business before it needs to be exited, helping manage warehouse/stock room storage space.
- Exit Strategy: Samples are directed to Sample Sales or donated to Charity.

One Solution for All Your Challenges of Sample Management at Scale

  • Lost Samples Disrupting Workflows

    Misplaced or unaccounted samples disrupt workflows, causing delays in product development, marketing, and sales efforts.

    Our Solution: Barcode scanning enables teams to monitor each sample throughout the production journey, providing stakeholders with up-to-the-minute updates on an item’s status. Alternatively, use RFID tags and scanners for full traceability and location history of each sample along all development steps.

  • Manual and Time-Consuming Receiving Processes

    A manual process for receiving samples is often slow and prone to errors, leading to bottlenecks and inefficiencies in handling and cataloging incoming materials.

    Our Solution: Our enterprise sample management solution designed for fashion brands is smoothly integrated into both, our Basic and Enhanced Sample Tracking modules. At its core, barcode scanning allows teams to receive samples quickly and efficiently, minimising errors. Lets Flo also customises and prints unique barcodes for different label formats, ideal for tracking production samples or items not yet assigned a product code.

    For high-volume sample management and unique to the Enhanced module, RFID technology is the optimal solution. Scanners positioned at strategic points automatically update an asset’s location as it passes by, drastically reducing manual labour and saving significant time.

  • Over-Reliance on Key Personnel

    Dependency on specific individuals for critical processes makes the business vulnerable to disruptions when these employees are unavailable, affecting continuity and efficiency.

    Our Solution: Every business tends to over-depend heavily on key personnel, often due to inadequate process documentation or because certain documents and unsupported systems have developed around these individuals, outside the formal IT architecture. Lets Flo offers a fully managed and supported solution that seamlessly integrates with your business’s preferred IT infrastructure.

  • Duplication of Effort Across Teams

    Without a centralised system or clear protocols, multiple teams may end up replicating efforts in handling, processing, or ordering samples, leading to wasted resources and increased operational costs.

  • High Sampling Costs and Over-Ordering

    Excessive costs associated with procuring, storing, and managing samples, coupled with the tendency to over-order to ensure availability, can strain budgets and lead to wastage.

    Our Solution: Enhance Press and Sales prospects by managing sample requests and logistics both within your business departments and with external contacts, thus increasing your ability to fulfil more requests. Use accurate sample data to assess whether changes in production levels require you to reorder samples or if it’s more feasible to wait for Top of Production.

  • Time-Consuming Vendor Sample Order Management

    Dealing with vendors for sample orders often involves complex coordination and extensive time investment, which can slow down operations and delay project timelines.

  • Poor Visibility on Inbound Dates

    Lack of clarity regarding the arrival times of samples to various business functions can lead to planning issues, inefficient resource allocation, and potential project delays.

Lets Flo can integrate with your Tech Stack

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Sample Management Trackers

Track Collections

Ditch spreadsheets. Organise samples into meaningful assortments. Instantly view order statuses—received, pending, or overdue. Effortlessly manage samples your way.

Impinj RFID reader to optimise sample management

Streamline Manual Tasks with RFID Technology

Enhance your sample tracking system's efficiency with RFID tags for effortless sample check-in and check-out. Each sample is tagged with an RFID sticker and a printed QR code, which serves to bridge the analogue and digital worlds. The RFID tag offers complete traceability of each sample throughout its product journey, allowing users to a full location history and even visualise the product's location on a digital map. In addition, the QR code grants quick access to comprehensive product details, comments, and checklists.

Smart Scanners

Our scanners, equipped with embedded WLAN (wireless local-area network) capabilities, effortlessly merge the analogue and digital worlds. By deploying a standalone scanner at every stage of the sample workflow, we provide a clear, traceable overview of each sample throughout the sample journey. Just passing the scanner is all that's required to gather accurate sample data efficiently.

RFID hand held scanners for improved sample management

Minimise Sample Losses

Seamlessly manage the status and location of each sample through the Lets Flo app mobile app. From your desktop or smartphone, track items that are lost, missing, unreturned, or gifted, and effortlessly carry out thorough inventory audits of your samples to guarantee total oversight of your collections.

Track Advanced Shipment Notice numbers

Efficiently monitor all your products during transit by capturing and storing the ASN numbers in an accessible, easy-to-use database. Enable each department and team to access sample information for seamless management. Utilize the mobile app to create documents and delivery memos, streamlining the send-out process for quick and effortless distribution.

Status reporting on sample management

Reporting to Measure and Improve Performance

Leverage real-time reporting to analyse key sampling KPIs like lead times, stock levels, and check-in and collection data. This enables your teams to make informed, data-driven decisions, streamline workflows, and prevent expensive setbacks in the sampling process.