Minimizing the 'Time to Market'

Turnaround time stands as a key performance indicator for eCommerce content studios. This metric measures the duration from when a sample is received at the studio to the point where the finished assets, including photography, video, and copy are delivered to the appropriate channels.

Frequent Challenges and Collective Issues

  • The intricacy of e-Commerce production is an ever-growing challenge

    As new types of content, guidelines and requirements emerge, the challenge of managing these elements often exceeds the limitations of existing processes and workflow capabilities.

    Our approach: Over the years, Lets Flo has been refined through its application in various brands and retailers, addressing common challenges encountered in content production. We continuously evolve the tool allowing our customer base to benefit from solutions to shared problems.

  • Getting the Data Right Matters

    It’s imperative for teams to have accurate and relevant information to perform their tasks efficiently. In many organizations, critical data is distributed across various systems, be it a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system, Product Information Management (PIM) system, or bespoke legacy software.


    Our approach: Lets Flo offers a comprehensive solution by importing key data points, providing a real-time snapshot of a product’s status. We align with your business terminology, ensuring clear and familiar communication. Beyond this, we layer on additional data collected during the content production journey. This approach ensures that all team members have access to the precise information they require, at the right time and place.


  • Complex Processes Can Be Brittle, Can't They?

    Think about it: if your production process is dependent on having key individuals around all the time (like needing your Art Director on set to give the thumbs up or guidance), it’s asking for trouble. What if they’re sick, juggling different sets, or just swamped with other workloads?


    Our approach: Lets Flo is a cloud-based solution that’s about making life easier. It lets you access all the latest updates, data, and assets from wherever you are. It’s like giving your team superpowers of flexibility. Whether they’re working from home or halfway across the world, they can keep the production ball rolling without any disruption.

  • The Impact of Human Error

    One significant factor contributing to prolonged turnaround times in content production is human error. Common mistakes include content being incorrectly prioritised, changes in sample production and missing samples, misplacing files, incomplete asset collections and erroneous file naming. Detecting and rectifying these mistakes not only consumes a considerable amount of time but also incurs additional costs.


    Our approach: The data is always live, and all teams are working from the same ‘source of truth’. We want to ensure teams always work to business priorities with the correct information and product.

    We have introduced full automation for tasks that are typically repetitive and prone to errors. This significantly enhances the efficiency of your workflow. We want creative teams to devote their attention and skills to the creative aspects, achieving the correct results on the first attempt.

Seamlessly Connect with Your Technology Ecosystem

Our platform integrates with your Product Information Management (PIM) or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems, ensuring access to the latest data. Eliminate issues like incorrect product codes or unexpected alterations in launch dates. Lets Flo actively monitors and signals these changes, ensuring team alignment.

Our system is versatile, offering integration with basic SFTP drop sites and enabling the import of timed reports from your platforms. We also support API integrations, allowing for responsive and bidirectional data exchange.

Barcode management and the Mobile app

Empower your operation with Lets Flo's barcode management. Generate and print your own business-specific barcodes or create unique Lets Flo Barcode IDs. Effortlessly track products through each phase of the photoshoot organisation by scanning them, eliminating manual check-in/out routines and saving significant time. With the Lets Flo Barcode, easily scan products to assign tasks and update their status on the go.

Streamline your workflow with the Lets Flo desktop application

Eliminate the manual effort of setting up folder structures in Capture One. With our automation feature, your daily set list is prepared in advance, allowing photographers to focus on using their preferred tools. The app seamlessly transfers the Capture One outputs to the cloud, supporting your chosen file formats.

File Renaming Made Easy

Renaming your images is as simple as drag and drop during the image selection process. Your naming conventions are organised in accordance with your shoot guidelines, ensuring you never mislabel an image again.