The challenges of Sample Management

Dealing with thousands of product samples annually is a massive task for brands, retailers, and commercial studios. It's not just about knowing where these samples are, but also understanding their current status. Below we address common issues around managing samples at volume.

Frequent Challenges and Collective Issues

  • Sample challenges within a brand

    For a brand, managing product samples involves much more than just tracking their whereabouts. It’s about having a clear picture of their readiness and current condition. Is the production sample all set for a photoshoot? Have there been any changes during its production phase? Is there an urgent need to order more ‘Top of Stock’ items? These are vital questions. Plus, there’s the added challenge of coordinating with other teams within the company who need access to these samples, further complicating the process.

    Here’s How We Handle It: At Lets Flo, we often begin our onboarding process with a focus on sample management. Our first step is to make sure that all the necessary data for your teams is accurate and up-to-date. From there, we move on to refining the procedures around receiving and tracking these samples.

    And if you’re looking to dive deeper, especially into aspects like ordering, we’ve got you covered there too! That’s all part of our Sample Order Management module.

  • Manual Tracking is Slow and Error-Prone

    The process of moving samples into a content studio requires meticulous tracking for each item, a task that can be quite daunting. Lets Flo, is designed to tackle this challenge. We focus on efficiently organising your sample inventory, ensuring you always know the precise location of your products.

    Our Solution: Managing samples is seamlessly integrated into our Sample tracking module. Barcode scanning enables our team to monitor each sample throughout the production journey, providing stakeholders with up-to-the-minute updates on an item’s status.

  • Limited Info on printed Sample Labels?

    Regular sample labels often lack comprehensive details, leaving teams without the necessary information to efficiently process samples through various production stages.

    Our Solution: Elevate sample management by incorporating detailed EAN codes, customizable properties, and tailored sample labels. Lets Flo also generates unique barcodes if you are using production samples or need to track a product yet to be assigned a product code.

  • Limited Access to barcode Scanners?

    The benefit of custom sample labels is lost if you’re constantly hunting for a barcode scanner or worse, don’t have one at all.

    Our approach: Use any smartphone as a barcode scanner with the Lets Flo mobile app. It’s a game-changer for studio mobility, allowing barcode scanning on the go.

Sample Ordering

From the point of sample creation and ordering, you can gain full visibility into the whole process. All relevant data is captured accordingly and can be updated anytime, mitigating inconsistencies and human errors.

Barcode management and the Mobile app

Empower your operation with Lets Flo's barcode management. Generate and print your own business-specific barcodes or create unique Lets Flo Barcode IDs. Effortlessly track products through each phase of the photoshoot organisation by scanning them, eliminating manual check-in/out routines and saving significant time. With the Lets Flo Barcode, easily scan products to assign tasks and update their status on the go.