Communication challenges are common but often go unaddressed

In many organisations, while communication difficulties are frequently acknowledged, steps to resolve these issues are often missed. At Lets Flo, we consider good communication as a crucial element of our workflow. Facilitating smooth information flow within your organization is key to ensuring that projects are completed swiftly and efficiently.

Frequent Challenges and Collective Issues

  • Overwhelmed by Frequent Status Updates

    For any business, a crucial measure is the volume of content live on their e-commerce platforms, aligned with their stock in distribution hubs or stores. However, the relentless demand for updates on the content team’s productivity can become overwhelming, often detracting from their primary task of asset creation.

    Our Solution: At Lets Flo, a fundamental principle is providing a live, singular source of truth around the data. We empower our users to find answers independently, eliminating the need to disrupt content production teams with inquiries across various communication channels.

  • Out-of-Date and Inaccessible Guidelines

    Different teams have different methods for handling guidelines. Some store them on servers, some circulate them via email, and others opt for printing and displaying them. But when these guidelines are confined to someone’s memory, offline, scattered, or not kept current, the risk of errors increases significantly.

    Our approach: More than just basic reference points, our shoot guidelines can be built and organised to ensure consistency and offer clear guidance. They efficiently centralise all image-related requirements in one accessible place. These guidelines are readily available at each step of the workflow, simplifying the process significantly. Say goodbye to the frustration of tracking down the most recent shoot guide and keep everything up-to-date and at your fingertips.

  • Complicated and Slow Review and Approval Processes

    Dealing with PDFs, contact sheets, and endless email conversations for reviewing and approving assets can significantly slow down your workflow. The real challenge lies in keeping communication straightforward and organized, without it getting lost in a sea of emails, messages, or, in the worst-case scenario, misplaced entirely.

    Our Strategy: Lets Flo streamlines these processes by offering flexible, intuitive approval stages, all managed through a cloud-based system for effortless access and review. This setup allows you to easily share selects or edits during the creative phase and provide clear instructions to post-production teams. For senior management who might not need regular system access, or external clients who suddenly wish to review something, Lets Flo offers the capability to generate and share read-only links with controlled access.

Allow teams to find the answers they need themselves

Utilise our easy 'traffic light' system for an instant visual update on your product's sample and asset status, keeping you in the loop at all times. Merchants can subscribe to specific product groups to get alerts on any status updates. Say goodbye to the endless back-and-forth and let your production, shoot, and post-production teams focus on what they do best: creating fantastic content.


Elevate your shoot guidelines to the next level

With our smart shoot guidelines in play on set, you can synchronise all teams with the exact shot count needed while nailing the creative direction every time. These guidelines do more; they streamline your process by facilitating the automatic naming of assets correctly once they're uploaded to the cloud, ensuring consistency and efficiency from start to finish.

Experience cloud-based creativity at its best

Lets Flo hosts all your assets in the cloud, making content approval a breeze. Instantly access and review contact sheet images once they're uploaded, staying true to the Flow principle of maintaining continuous content momentum. Approvals and re-edits can instantly be made removing the need to leave the tool. Assets can be annotated for clarity and downloaded as layered Photoshop files. Follow proven approval processes within each workflow to keep every team member aligned and content moving smoothly.