Handling Manual Data Management Issues

Having a highly capable team is great, but relying on traditional, manual methods for essential tasks such as monitoring progress, file naming, metadata application, quality control, and distribution can be fraught with risks. This situation is further complicated when relying on freelancers or when seasoned team members depart, taking their invaluable expertise with them. Despite everyone's best efforts, manual processes are inherently prone to errors, which can lead to costly mistakes ending up in reshoots and a delay in time to site.

Frequent Challenges and Collective Issues

  • File Management Chaos

    Relying on PDF printouts, outdated spreadsheets and manual mid-shoot updates complicates every step of the process. Manually organising files often results in workflow errors, assuming there’s an established consistent workflow at all.


    Our Strategy with Lets Flo: We provide sophisticated, automated overviews that serve as a singular, dependable reference point for the entire production journey, from the initial requirements to final delivery. This comprehensive view streamlines team workflows, identifies bottlenecks efficiently, and ensures projects stay on track and within budget.

  • Are you still manually updating filenames?

    Are your teams struggling with complex file naming conventions, perhaps to meet some outdated business rules? You’re not alone; this is a surprisingly frequent issue. The risks of manual data entry and file naming can’t be overstated. Just one wrong keystroke can result in a file vanishing or, even worse, triggering errors that lead to costly reshoots. And let’s not forget, it also eats up a lot of valuable time.


    Our Solution: Lets Flo automates file handling, naming, metadata enrichment instead of manual data entry. This frees up your team to focus on their strengths, not on repetitive tasks like file renaming.

  • Inconsistent Quality Control and Post-production challenges

    Managing quality across multiple projects, especially with a dispersed team, is a challenge. This method often leads to lost control over the project.


    Our Solution: Lets Flo makes it easier to oversee the quality control of imagery and manage retouching tasks. Users can effortlessly assign and track these tasks, whether they’re being handled by internal teams or outsourced to external retouching studios. With the use of annotated markups and detailed retouch notes, retouchers, regardless of their location, are equipped with all the essential information they need, minimizing mistakes and the need for revisions. Additionally, users have access to comprehensive guidelines for retouching and adaptations when required.

Streamline your workflow with the Lets Flo desktop application

Eliminate the manual effort of setting up folder structures in Capture One. With our automation feature, your daily set list is prepared in advance, allowing photographers to focus on using their preferred tools. The app seamlessly transfers the Capture One outputs to the cloud, supporting your chosen file formats.

File Renaming Made Easy

Renaming your images is as simple as drag and drop during the image selection process. Your naming conventions are organised in accordance with your shoot guidelines, ensuring you never mislabel an image again.