How we reduced Burberry’s time to site in the first year by 75%

Modules used

  • Budget & Resource Module
  • Copywriting Module
  • Product Range & DAM
  • Sample Tracking
  • Studio & Content Production

About Burberry

Emerging from a legacy of innovation, Burberry stands as a prominent global luxury brand with roots tracing back to the 19th century. Over the years, it has secured a cherished spot in the affections of fashion enthusiasts across the globe.

Burberry Heritage Trench Coat


In 2015, Lets Flo partnered with Burberry to elevate productivity in E-commerce Content Production. Despite the effectiveness of existing team processes, the primary challenge was aligning data to ensure the readiness of content. Coordinating teams across different departments, each handling data across multiple spreadsheets, added complexity to the task. The challenge further encompassed the need for more streamlined management of a sample set, responsible for meeting Press, Campaign, Market Showroom, and E-commerce demands. This encompassed surfacing specific product data, tracking inbound items, and monitoring changes in production.


The implemented solution involved a phased rollout, successfully onboarding all workflow teams. Beginning with Samples and Merchandising, the initiative notably improved clarity in data quality and priority statuses. This improvement was augmented through PIM and DAM integrations, incorporating CADs and automated data feeds. Subsequently, seamless integration of Studio production and teams enhanced productivity and visibility into product quantities for photography. Lets Flo’s pre-approval of Outfitting reduced reshoots, contributing to overall productivity. Transparent tracking of Image statuses and on-premise asset locations facilitated efficient management. Additionally, the Copy team received necessary images, eliminating the need for reference searches, while API integrations with transcreation software provided further productivity enhancement.


The implemented changes have resulted in a digitized and continuously updated product range, providing teams with real-time information during their daily tasks. Lets Flo has introduced transparency and accountability, allowing teams to identify and address bottlenecks.

Through the centralisation of workflows within Lets Flo, eight separate spreadsheets were decommissioned. The days taken to deliver images went from 16 business days to 4. Representing a 75% reduction in shoot-to-delivery times. Efficient budget management and resource allocation not only contributed to cost and scheduling efficiencies but also supported strategic business decisions related to recruitment.

In the realm of E-commerce content production for 2018, significant achievements included tracking full studio and production costs, managing 100% of global product content across and third-party sales channels, monitoring 51,000 samples, overseeing 3.94 million workflow actions, and delivering over 173,000 images. Lets Flo have continued to deliver time savings and efficiencies since the initial roll out in line with the evolving requirements of the business.

Days taken to deliver E-commerce Imagery, 2018

70,000+ Products delivered in partnership with Lets Flo

8350+ Sets planned and resourced