How Frasers Group scales up content production with Flo

With increasing demand for ecommerce and creative content across their growing portfolio of fashion brands, Frasers Group’s production team needed to find ways to reduce friction between teams and deliver content quicker than ever.

About Frasers Group

Frasers Group is a retail group that includes iconic brands such as Sports Direct, Jack Wills, and House of Fraser. Founded in 1982, the group is one of the largest in the UK, and employs more than 10,000 people.

3 Sets per day

500 Images delivered

3 Hours saved every day

100% Quicker to get content live

The Challenge

Two years ago, content production at Frasers Group was a long-winded manual process that involved multiple teams. Because there were so many interdependencies and projects would only move forward manually via tools like Dropbox and Google Sheets, Frasers Group faced production errors, which led to significant delays.

This process made it impossible to plan and monitor the progress of content production across several brands at once. Scaling up content production was also made difficult, because any attempt to shoot more would be held back by miscommunication between teams, which led to production errors. After some investigation, Rima Shah, Frasers Group’s Production Lead, found that teams were losing hours on manual tasks such as image selection after a shoot.

Modules Used

  • Copywriting

  • Ecommerce workflow

  • Budget & resource planning

  • Creative workflow

The Solution

Lets Flo allowed Frasers Group to evolve their content production with end-to-end content workflows that keep content production for ecommerce and creative content on track, and clearly trackable. With a dashboard for budgets and content production by brand, it was simple to see how content was progressing and where the process could be made more efficient.

Rima said, “From our teams’ perspective, their day-to-day tasks became a lot easier. Each team was aware of how long each part of the process takes, how much budget they have assigned, and had all product information clearly laid out in front of them. Flo fit seamlessly into their existing workflows, and became a tool they used every day. Before long, we were using Flo with external contractors and agencies too.”

“Frasers Group is the second company where I’m using Lets Flo. Wherever I use the tool, all our teams are really impressed with how intuitive it is to use. I swear by it. Flo organises the whole production process, making it really simple for our teams to know what’s expected of them and when.”

“Flo doesn’t compare to any tool we’ve used before: without Flo our process would stay the same and not evolve, so we wouldn’t be able to scale up how much content we shoot, and the quality of our content would decline.”

Flo organises the whole production process, making it really simple for our teams to know what's expected of them and when.

Rima Shah, Production Lead

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