Smart Resourcing and Cost Tracking Made Easy

Effortlessly resource, option, and confirm your shoot teams and models. Access real-time updates on your team's availability, preventing scheduling conflicts. Lets Flo, automates budget line item generation from your team resourcing data, offering transparent insights into costs. Manage your budgets effectively, ensuring cost efficiency and preventing overspending.

Producer resourcing team availability

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Team Resourcing interface

Enhanced Talent Management

Prioritise and option talent efficiently before confirming them to shoots. Utilise a centralised model and resource calendar that prevents booking overlaps across different departments within your organisation. Our platform supports various workflow stages to finalise bookings and, when required, upload contract information. This ensures a smooth, organised approach to managing model bookings, enhancing coordination and efficiency across your business operations.


Timesheet functionality

Resources can log in and submit their hours for approval, aligning with workflows that require verification. Alternatively, for a more streamlined process, they can access Purchase Orders directly, based on hours submitted by Production, facilitating effortless invoicing. This dual approach ensures flexibility and efficiency in managing work hours and financial transactions, catering to different business needs.

Budget Line Items

Automated Budget Line items

Lets Flo streamlines budget management with automated line item creation. Each time a resource is confirmed for a set, corresponding budget line items are generated within a chosen budget. These items can be efficiently closed out once a Purchase Order is issued. This automation significantly reduces the manual admin tasks associated with tracking and managing thousands of line items annually, allowing you to focus on more strategic tasks while maintaining financial oversight.

Visual of a budget overview

Budget Planning & Spend Reporting

The module offers comprehensive budget planning and spending reporting, ensuring all your costs are captured and accounted for accurately. Manually add various sundry costs and expenses, like equipment rentals, ensuring that no expense is overlooked. Organise these line items by categories, such as operational roles, for better insights.

Run detailed spend reports, identifying where your finances are allocated and pinpointing significant overheads. Utilise this data to make informed, strategic decisions, optimising your resource allocation and maximising budget efficiency.

Vendor Management System

Connect with other systems

Keep your work flowing smoothly with just one platform. Lets Flo integrates with Vendor management systems like SAP Fieldglass to streamline the steps your Production team needs to handle when organising and paying talent. Save time and keep admin hassles at bay.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does Lets Flo take to introduce?

    Getting Lets Flo up-and-running at your organisation usually takes two to four weeks. This gives us time to scope out your requirements and introduce the platform as part of a phased launch that won’t disrupt your teams.

  • Can I customise Lets Flo?

    We know that no two fashion brands work in the same way. That’s why we always introduce a custom version of our platform for each new client we onboard. This gives the best of both worlds: our clients benefit from our best-practice workflows and keep their existing approach to content production.

  • What does Lets Flo integrate with?

    Lets Flo integrates with your PIM, your DAM, and all the other tools your teams use to create and share content every day. We’ve already built dozens of integrations, but if you need another we’d be happy to get that set up too.

  • Does Lets Flo keep my data secure?

    Absolutely. Your data is stored on ultra-secure AWS servers located in Ireland.

  • How is Lets Flo different from a DAM?

    Our clients connect Lets Flo’s workflows to their Digital Asset Management tool so their content is automatically stored in one place as part of the go-live process. Your DAM is the warehouse where all your content is kept, Lets Flo is the fleet of drivers making sure your content is delivered on time.

  • How is Lets Flo different from a PIM?

    Most of our clients use Lets Flo to make their Product Information Management platform more effective. Lets Flo’s workflows feed your PIM up-to-date product information and create custom digital catalogues that are ready to put in front of your buyers.

  • Is Lets Flo a studio management platform?

    Lets Flo is an end-to-end ecommerce workflow platform. That means Lets Flo manages content workflows from studio production through to post-production and going live on site.