Key Takeaways: FLOW NYC 2023

Thanks for joining us at FLOW: New York 2023. If you missed this event or some of the sessions, here are some of our key takeaways from the amazing panels and keynote sessions.

Post-FLOW New York Takeaway Blog

The Lets Flo team had the pleasure of returning to one of Pixelz’s FLOW events, and this time, we attended FLOW: New York 2023 on September 6th – and what a day it was!

This FLOW event promised a wealth of insights around the theme of ‘Unchartered Growth’, and a chance to deepen our understanding of e-commerce content production. Our team had a great day connecting with photo studio and content production professionals, both at our stand and during Happy Hour, which we were official sponsors for. Thank you to everyone to came to join us and sparked great conversations!

Lets Flo at FLOW NYC 2023

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the key takeaways from the remarkable sessions we attended – from the landscape of AI to the evolution of ED&I (equity, diversity and inclusion).

  1. AI is here to stay: AI in e-commerce content creation may seem like a new ‘shiny objects’, but if you dig deeper and find out how they scale, get the right people involved in vetting the tool and use your network, you can unlock new efficiencies and abilities
  2. Manage innovation by testing and learning: New innovation can seem difficult to approach. Some speakers recommended adding structure to test and learn after understanding your vision and what you are trying to achieve.
  3. Master video strategy for e-commerce content production: Combining photo and video on one set is more efficient. You can use continuous lighting but the photography needs to be tested and fine-tuned as you go. Videos can solve problems of showing off certain features of the product that may be awkward or clunky in an image; for example, showing the capacity and compartments of a handbag.
  4. Equity, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) starts from within: Partnering with companies that specialise in ED&I can help, such as REDI and Bold Culture. If brands do not offer diverse sample sizes, keep asking to enable change.
  5. Generative AI still requires human touch: Although Gen AI is full of opportunities and can allow brands and retailers to create content that explores new creative frontiers, scale in new ways and create personalisation easily, the human touch to clean up and retouch an image is still crucial.
  6. Be a creative cheerleader for your team is the way to lead: Navigating an ever-changing landscape as a creative can be challenging. By educating yourself as a leader and encouraging your team’s passions, you can make yourself an asset by embracing new technology and tools.

One of the ways to encourage your team’s creativity and focus on what they do best is to remove mundane admin tasks. Your team was hired for their creative talents, not filling out spreadsheets and chasing samples. That’s where Lets Flo’s platform comes into play – by increasing efficiencies and productivity using a workflow and real-time sample management platform, you can free up your team’s time and provide a single source of truth to store everything content production. Request a demo today to see how Lets Flo can streamline your processes and improve efficiencies for you and your team.

We will be back for more FLOW events in the future – until next time!

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