Key Takeaways: FLOW London 2023

Thanks for joining us at FLOW: London 2023. If you missed this event or some of the sessions, here are some of our key takeaways from the amazing panels and keynote sessions.

Welcome to the recap of FLOW: London 2023, where the convergence of creativity and technology took centre stage. Our team, Rich Summers, David Hudson and Kaitlyn Chiu, had the privilege of attending another insightful event hosted by Pixelz that delved into the latest trends and strategies in the dynamic world of content creation.

The talks and discussions were not just a glimpse into the future; they were a roadmap for navigating the present landscape of generative AI, video-first mindsets, intellectual property rights, and the intricate art of managing content creation. Let’s dive into the key takeaways that can reshape the way studios approach their craft.

1. From Theory to Practice: Making Generative AI Work for You

The transition from theory to practice in the realm of generative AI is not just a leap; it’s a strategic shift. Creating briefs with Gen AI emerged as a powerful tool to sell visionary ideas to teams and expedite the shooting process. The concept of Gen AI as a mood board for stylists or a posing guide for models provided a practical approach—treating the creative process like a chef in a test kitchen, where ideas are ingredients, and prompts are recipes.

2. Generative AI and IP Rights

Protecting intellectual property in the age of generative AI requires vigilance. Gathering information and educating oneself about practical protections such as watermarks and metadata is essential. Revisiting contracts and seeking legal advice ensures that our creative work remains rightfully ours. In a world where innovation and imitation often coexist, understanding the nuances of IP rights becomes a cornerstone for sustainable creativity.

3. Human-AI Collaboration: Communication is Key

As AI becomes an integral part of creative processes, effective communication becomes paramount. Human-AI collaboration is successful when those using automation understand why and how AI is implemented. Taking breaks in keeping up with technology is a subtle reminder that innovation doesn’t have to be an everyday sprint; thoughtful implementation and understanding are the keys to a successful partnership.

4. Video-First Mindset

Embracing a video-first mindset is not just a trend; it’s a necessity. The customers should guide our journey, necessitating constant testing and adaptation. Whether to choose video or stills depends on specific goals and target audiences. The optimal strategy often involves a harmonious blend of both, providing a versatile and engaging narrative that resonates with our audience.

5. Building an In-House Studio

The prospect of moving content creation in-house is a strategic move that can enhance time-to-market, visual control, and marketing support. Focusing on creative, equipment, team, and space are vital components when building an in-house studio. This holistic approach ensures that every aspect aligns seamlessly with the brand’s vision and business goals.

6. Managing Content Creation: Finding Your Perfect Method

Identifying the ideal method for managing content creation involves understanding how our studio prioritizes operational and creative excellence. Effective communication with the team and continuous improvement through SWOT analysis are fundamental in staying current and competitive in the ever-evolving landscape of content creation.

FLOW: London 2023 was a revelation—a testament to the continuous evolution of the creative process in the digital age. We look forward to a future where technology and creativity converge seamlessly, unlocking new possibilities and elevating the art of content creation.

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We will be back for more FLOW events in 2024 – until next time!