Service Level Agreement

Lets Flo support offering:

Online Self-Service Help Unlimited Access
Availability for General Inquiries Business Hours
Availability for Incident Reports 24/7 via incident report email
Initial Response Times Severity 1 Incidents within 2 hours. Severity 2 Incidents within the same business day. All other Incidents by the next business day.
Email support Business Hours
Chat support Business Hours

Technical support

The following section applies to all subscribers.


  • “Business Hours” are 8 AM-6 PM during a Business Day in London.
  • “Business Days” are Monday through Friday.
  • An “Incident” is when end users’ use of Lets Flo is adversely impacted.
  • A “Severity 1 Incident” is an incident resulting in a service outage that prevents users from using Lets Flo, and no temporary alternative options are available.
  • A “Severity 2 Incident” is an incident resulting in a service outage that prevents users from doing some tasks in Lets Flo, but temporary alternatives are available using Lets Flo.
  • “Lets Flo Control” means elements entirely under Lets Flo’s control and not a consequence of (a) a Subscriber’s hardware or software failures, (b) a User’s connectivity issues, (c) User operator errors, (d) Usertraffic amounts that exceed a User’s Permitted Utilization as defined in the Terms and Conditions, (e) corrupted User content, (f) acts of god (any) or war, or earthquakes, or terrorist actions.



Communications between Lets Flo support engineers and User personnel are conducted using a ticketing application that maintains a time-stamped transcript of communications and sends emails to User and Lets Flo staff as tickets are updated.


Users can access chat support through any page on Lets Flo, including the login page, should login be unavailable.

Response time

Lets Flo shall use its best efforts to respond in a timely fashion.

Enterprise Support

Lets Flo will respond to the report of an Incident by troubleshooting the cause(s) of the Incident and resolving them if caused by factors within Lets Flo’s control or provide information to those who can resolve the factors if they are within others’ control, as follows.

For a Severity 1 Incident:

  • Lets Flo support staff will acknowledge receipt of the email or chat within 15 minutes.
  • Lets Flo will start actively troubleshooting within 1 hour of receipt of the email.
  • Lets Flo will perform its tasks during business hours.
  • Lets Flo and the User will immediately communicate upon learning new information that may be useful in troubleshooting the incident. Status updates between Lets Flo and Customer will occur no less frequently than every 30 minutes for the first two hours and every hour after that.
  • Lets Flo staff will work until (a) the incident is resolved or (b) the incident is believed to be outside Lets Flo’s control.

For a Severity 2 Incident:

  • Lets Flo support staff will acknowledge receipt of the email within two hours.
  • Lets Flo engineers begin actively troubleshooting within the same day, work on the Incident during the same day, and provide status updates to the Customer on each subsequent day.