Physical asset tracking, the way it should be

No more confusion. Track and manage the exact location of all your samples, props, and materials from a single dashboard.

A digital home for your physical assets

View, search and filter millions of assets, plan their use across teams and shoots, and get automated asset lists via custom workflows.

Physical Asset Tracking 22

Workflows to make asset tracking simple

Lets Flo combines asset lists with workflows to introduce repeatable processes for managing samples and your other assets. Automatically track costs, usage, and owners with audit trails.

Physical Asset Tracking 21

Works with your existing systems

Every business is different. That’s why we work closely with you to introduce an asset tracking solution that connects with all with your existing systems and makes them smarter.

Asset management for enterprises

Our physical asset management platform is the scalable alternative to the spreadsheets and custom tools your organisation is using to track your physical assets globally.

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Learn how Lets Flo makes physical asset management simple

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