Unleashing the Magic: Elevating the Last 10% in Content Creation

Discover the transformative power of the 'Magic 10%' in content creation. Learn how simplifying, standardising, and identifying opportunities can elevate your work from acceptable to exceptional.

In every creative endeavour, there is a special spark, a unique twist that sets apart the mundane from the marvellous. I call this the “magic 10%.” It’s the final touch, the shiny polish, the extra mile we cross to elevate our work from merely acceptable to exceptional.

The Power of the Magic 10%

While most creators aim for a technically sound result, striving for elevated quality sets you apart. Focusing on this magic 10% can transform your content and, ultimately, your competitive edge. It all boils down to allowing your creative teams the time and space to polish that last 10%. This is where true elevation begins.

The Role of Leadership

The role of a leader here is paramount. As leaders, we need to create conditions ripe for this magical transformation. Remember, the people in your studio have worked incredibly hard to be there. They aspire to produce remarkable content that they can be proud of.

Fostering Creativity

Giving your teams more time to build relationships with models, experiment with styles, and take creative risks can be the key to unlocking this magic 10%. It’s these leaders, who understand and embrace this concept, who will shape the future as the chief creative officers of tomorrow.

Enabling the Magic in E-commerce Production

Now, you might wonder, how can we enable this magic in a high-volume production line like E-commerce production? The answer lies in three key steps: **Simplify, Standardize, and Identify**.

Simplify Your Processes

Firstly, simplify your processes. Unnecessary complexities often clog the creative pipeline, stealing precious time from your teams. In e-commerce content creation, where time is often of the essence, streamlining your workflows is essential. By eliminating redundant steps and focusing on what truly matters, you can free up more time for the magic 10%.

Standardise Procedures

Secondly, standardize. Establishing consistent procedures ensures efficiency and allows more time for creative exploration. When your team knows what to expect at each stage of the process, they can spend less time troubleshooting and more time fine-tuning their work.

Identify Opportunities for Magic

Lastly, identify where the magic can be applied. Not every task requires the magic 10%, so understanding where to apply this can save time and resources. For example, in e-commerce, product images may need that extra touch to stand out, but the background images might not require the same level of attention.

Uncovering Inefficiencies

My experience shows that over 50% of the processes we follow are often wasteful. The capacity and talent are already there. By refining the processes, we can liberate our teams to focus on the magic 10%, thus raising the bar for the quality of content produced.

Making Elevated Quality the Norm

Elevating the standard should not be the exception; it should be the norm. It’s our responsibility as managers and leaders to create the right environment. One that allows our teams to focus on that magic 10%, to take their work from technically done to high quality, to elevate their content to an extraordinary level.

The Magic Is in the Details

Remember, the magic is in the details. It’s that final push that transforms the good into the great. So, let’s step up, simplify, standardize, identify, and unlock the magic in our content. Together, we can raise the bar and elevate the new standard. By embracing the magic 10%, we can consistently create content that captivates and inspires.

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